Let us talk about vaccines again


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When I see how many questions I receive about vaccines, I think it would be useful to focus again on this topic.

There is a lot to do in vaccine country. Not least because of the Corona vaccine that has to come in order, as we are taught, to be able to return to normal. People who ask questions about the safety of vaccines are quickly dismissed as anti-vaccines. I myself am not against vaccines, as long as they are safe and the remedy is not many times worse than the disease. Since I know that vaccine companies cannot be held accountable for the product they manufacture, my critical attitude towards vaccine safety has increased. This does not make me against vaccines. There is now a lot of information available about the risks of the Corona vaccines that are being developed, risks that should not be underestimated for the time being, purely for money. Vigilance is therefore required in this regard.


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Did you know....

That vaccination against Paratyphus only makes sense when there is a decent plan of approach? This means performing vaccinations minimally 2 times a year. The first time preferably 2 times with 3 weeks in between.