Breeding advice

It is important to make sure that during breeding everything is under control and that is stays that way. This makes sure that the youngsters can grow up healthy and prosperous. It is wise a few weeks before coupling to check the manure of the pigeons on the presence of coccidiosis, worms and paratyphoid.

Coccidiosis can be treated with Baycox or eventually in combination with a treatment for paratyphoid and E. Coli with Trimsulfa. A worm infection can be treated with Wormcure-liquid of worm capsules. As a treatment for paratyphoid, you can use Para-S- liquid.

Method of use:


Two days, three to four milliliter per liter drinking water.


For the treatment of coccidiosis and paratyphoid and preventative E. Coli, during seven to ten days from the end of moulting. As a treatment for set paratyphoid, during 14 days. After this, we advise to vaccinate the pigeons, followed by a cure of a week. Dosage: two milliliter per liter drinking water.


Preventative: from the end of moulting for a week. Curative: during 10-14 days. Dosage: two milliliter per liter drinking water.


During three consecutive days four milliliter per liter drinking water. Repeat after eight days. After the wormcure, give Bony Farvisol. Burn the lofts after the cure. You can treat the pigeons individually by rearing up a capsule.

During coupling, you can administer Bony S.G.R. On fresh eggs, give a Canker cure for six days or two consecutive days a canker capsule on an empty stomach.

Bony S.G.R.

Dosage: five milliliter per liter drinking water for at least three days a week during the entire breeding period until the leaving of the youngsters.

Bony Favisol.

Once a week, one gram per liter drinking water.

Bony Bolectrol Plus

By injectors in the nest and by the transition from porridge to feed, you can administer a double dose of Bony Bolectrol Plus  during several days.

Don't remove the minerals and the grit from the loft during the breeding period. If the eggshells are of pour quality, you can use Bony C.P. several days. If there are fertility problems, you can, prior to coupling, give the pigeons for three weeks extra Vitamin E on the food and a daily dosage of Bony S.G.R. in the drinking water. On an individual level, hormone treatment can be useful. The cocks as well as the hens can be treated with these injections.