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Bony System

How to start with the Bony System developed by our pigeon veterinarian Boskamp?

First of all, there is a difference between this system and the others. The main difference is that we concentrate on a natural approach, which does not mean we say, one can do without medicins at all. Our clinic has a wide assortment of products. Our philosophy is that we have to get an optimal result, with the use of as least products as possible.

As known, I do not speak in favor of  ‘manuals’  for the pigeon’s competitions. Every loft is different and also the curcumstances will be different. This means: Always use your common sence. A scheme is a guide, but not a rule.

The words stressed out bold, are to my opinion, the measures that should be done frequently in order to prevent for the biggest problems. The remaining things are meant for the improvement of the pigeons general condition.

Before the reproduction period we advise a complete examination of the pigeons to discover infections such as: Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis and Worms.

For pigeons who never had Bony SGR before, it is recommended to start with 5ml per litre drinking water during 10 days. After this period, it is to be given 2-3 times a week.


From the coupling of the pigeons you should give Bony omega-3 reproduction oil, daily. From the laying of the eggs till the young are weaned they should get 2-3 times a week Bony omega-3 reproduction oil. At start of the coupling 2-3 times a week Bony SGR. When the reproduction pigeons are on the eggs, a cure against Canker (Trichomoniasis) mixed with food, or even better a capsule a day, 2 days in a row.
If there is a respiratory infection, you should give Powder 18 instead of the cure against Canker (Trichomoniasis).

Young pigeons in general

After the weaning the SL mix preferably mixed with the food, following the dose as written on the package. 2-3 times a week Bony SGR mixed with the drinking water. The Bony Omega reproduction oil 2-3 times a week. 1-2 times a week Bony Sambucca Plus. 2 weeks before the trainings Bony Jodi (5-8 days in a row) and 2 days in a row a capsule against Canker (Trichomoniasis). During this cure, you should give the Bony SGR daily mixed with the drinking water.

Young pigeons during the flights

3 times a week Bony SGR. Once every 4 weeks a capsule against Canker (Trichomoniasis). The day before basketing Bony MR supplement and/or the Bony Flightsupport. The day of basketing Bony SGR and Bony mineral.
When coming home Bony Bolectrol Plus and Bony Jodi mixed with the food. In case of demanding flights, you can give the Bony Jodi 2 days in a row. If there are respiratory infections, one can replace Bony Jodi by Powder 31.

Older pigeons during flights (100-700 km)

Make sure the pigeons make a clean start. This means they are free of latent infections. A lot of pigeons have problems in the respiratory system after wintertime. Therefore it is advisable to let them be examined and if needed, to give them a cure for the respiratory system 2-3 weeks before the beginning of the season, combined with Bony Bronchicron, (For example a cure with powder 18 or powder 26). Administrate it at least 6 days.
2 weeks before the flights a capsule against Canker (Trichomoniasis) 2 days in a row. After that, every 4 weeks a capsule. 2-3 times a week Bony SGR. The day before basketing Bony-MR supplement or Bony MR plus (or even 2 days in case of long distance flights).
The day of basketing Bony SGR and Bony-Mineral. When the flights are longer, we advise Bony Flightsupport as an extra booster. When coming home Bony Bolectrol Plus and disinfection mixed with the food (Powder 18/26/29 or 31) depending on the circumstances. Our experience is that powder 29 (Bony-Jodi) is also very useful for the widowers. When the conditions are though, it should be administrated for 2 days, preferably on the food and combined with Bony Bronchicron.

In case of very long, demanding flights, it is advisable to administrate Bony Omega 3 Flight oil. When they have to fly distances above 300-350km, Powder 18 can be replaced by Powder 34 (TSDR-mix) to disinfect them.
In case you are using capsules against Canker (Trichomoniasis), you should administrate Powder 26 instead of Powder 18. If they fly distances above 300-350km and have to get something against Canker (Trichomoniasis), we advise you to use Powder 31 (SES-V Powder) instead of Powder 26.
Bony Recuglut CT can replace Bony Bolectrol Plus or can be administered combined with it during longer flights.
If it are long distance flights, you can individually administrate Orni capsules after the flights and/or 10-11 days before they start their flight.
In specific cases, the Bony Flightsupport can be given several days in a row before basketing.

The use of nose and eye drops is only necessary when they have severe respiratory problems with sticky obstructing slime.

The resistance drink Bony Sambucca plus can be used on Wednesdays instead of Bony SGR in case that short distance pigeons need to purify their body to prepare them for the next flights.

It is obvious that the risk of contamination of the pigeons depends on the time they are basketing, especially when they are not released in time. In these cases it is advisable to administrate the disinfection on the food 2 days in a row.

The pigeons for the long distance flights should be treated as the pigeons for short distance flights, till the competitions start. At that moment, they can be prepared with Orni capsules 10 and 11 days before setting them free and if needed a capsule against Canker (Trichomoniasis).
For a better condition, the Flight Support combined with the Bony MR plus suite these difficult conditions.
When coming home, you can support them with Boony Bolectrol Plus mixed with the drinking water or Bony Recuglut CT mixed with the food.

This scheme is meant as a basic guide. Circumstances however, also do count. In young pigeons for example, it may be necessary to administrate a more powerful mix for the respiratory system than the Bony Jodi when experiencing a severe infection.

When the pigeons have thick snot despites all the care, it can be necessary to use Nose drops, or a Biological Evaporator to help disinfect the respiratory system.

In case the pigeons are late, it might be better to keep them separately for a few days from the others and to administer them a Marbocap and a capsule against Canker (Trichomoniasis) for a few days.

The moulting period

If the flights are over and the moulting starts, it is important to support the pigeons as much as possible with food enriched with proteins.
Before the start of this season you should administrate the Bony Pigeon tea to purify the body. After that, you can alternate the administration of Bonichol and Bony SGR, combined with Moulting Vitamin (a few times a week).
mixed with food, it is possible to give the Bony B.M.T.

Finally: what’s bold, is what we think is the most important advise. The rest will certainly contribute to better performances. But only when the minimal conditions are met. And those are: Good pigeons, a good loft, a good pigeon fancier and a good health.

If there are any questions, You can always contact us.

Good luck to You all!

Veterinarian P. Boskamp